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Schoolwide Learning Expectations Grades TK-1

We believe that parents/guardians have the primary responsibility for the education of their children. The faculty and staff, in respectful partnership with parents/guardians, endeavor to foster the growth of the total child in terms of his/her religious, academic, psychological, social, physical, and aesthetic development. By the time our students graduate from St. Irenaeus Parish School, we would expect them to have developed the following Schoolwide Learning Expectations:

A Faith-filled Active Catholic Who

  • I pray by myself and with others.
  • I respect everyone and God's creation.
  • I help people.

A Critical Thinker Who

  • I explore new ideas.
  • I ask questions.
  • I find answers.

An Effective Communicator Who

  • I listen.
  • I share my thoughts and ideas.
  • I speak clearly.
  • I read and write as best as I can.

A Globally Aware Citizen Who

  • I share my special talents that God gave me.
  • I learn about God's children.
  • I learn about how to be a part of the community.
  • I learn about my country and the world.

A Life-long Learner Who

  • I make good choices.
  • I work and play well with others.
  • I try my best and my work is neat.
  • I use technology.