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Schoolwide Learning Expectations Grades 2-3

We believe that parents/guardians have the primary responsibility for the education of their children. The faculty and staff, in respectful partnership with parents/guardians, endeavor to foster the growth of the total child in terms of his/her religious, academic, psychological, social, physical, and aesthetic development. By the time our students graduate from St. Irenaeus Parish School, we would expect them to have developed the following Schoolwide Learning Expectations:

A Faith-filled Active Catholic Who

  • Shares my faith with others.
  • Understands what the Church teaches me.
  • Praises God through prayer.
  • Uses Scripture as a guide in my faith journey.
  • Loves others by being a good steward.

A Critical Thinker Who

  • Shows curiosity and investigates the world using new information.
  • Asks for and listens to the opinions of others.
  • Gathers evidence and tests ideas to answer questions.
  • Applies problem-solving skills to find answers.

An Effective Communicator Who

  • Demonstrates basic skills for reading text materials fluently.
  • Comprehends word meaning and text materials.
  • Applies language and writing skills proficiently.
  • Uses speaking and listening skills appropriately.
  • Incorporates technology in learning projects.

A Globally Aware Citizen Who

  • Understands and shows appreciation for my heritage and the cultures of others.
  • Acts as a responsible member of the parish, school, local, and global community.
  • Understands individual strengths, talents, and areas of growth.
  • Respects God's creation by taking care of the environment.
  • Shows awareness of past and current events, as well as, global issues that affect Catholic Christians.

A Life-long Learner Who

  • Works to my potential, studies, and is organized.
  • Cooperates with others in and outside of the classroom.
  • Makes healthy choices.
  • Uses technology to learn.