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Extended Day Care

Extended Day Care

St. Irenaeus Parish School’s  Extended Day Care Program is offered each day school is in session. Child care is available for students in Transitional Kindergarten – Eighth grade. Students enrolled in this program must be registered by their parents. Separate registration forms carry all information and fees. Any student arriving before 7:35am, or remaining at school after 3:00pm MUST go to Extended Day Care. A $25 fee will be charged each time a child is sent to Extended Day Care for these reasons. If students sent to Extended Day Care are not registered, registration and registration fees will be required after the third time. All students must be picked up by 6:00pm. A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged per child to all parents arriving after 6:00pm. At 8:00pm Cypress Police will be called to pick up your child. If you have any questions regarding this program, please call the Extended Day Care office at (714) 821-8438.

MONTHLY ATTENDANCE (includes Early Dismissal days). The monthly fee is charged for any student registered for this Extended Day Care plan. The full monthly fee is due even in months with shortened weeks due to Holidays or when your child is absent from school.   Payment is made by Direct Debit on the 21st of each month for the following month’s fees. These fees are separate from school tuition and any other fees associated with the school. Snack fees are included. The average monthly rate is listed below. See the Extended Day Care Handbook for specific monthly rates.

THREE PRE-SCHEDULED DAYS Students attending Day Care for three pre-scheduled days per week pay 60% of the full month’s fee plus $5.

DROP IN RATE The drop in rate is $9 per hour/child or $27 for three or more children. The hourly rate is charged from the beginning of each 1/2 hour.

EARLY DISMISSAL DAYS ONLY (12:00-6pm) This option is available for $30 per child.  The fee is payable the day of attendance.  The snack fee is included.

Day Care Coordinator: Miss Jennifer Pittock
Phone: (714) 821-8438 or (714) 827-4500, Ext. 152 or 149
Email: [email protected]

2024-2025 Monthly Rate

Before School (6:30am-7:50am):
  • 1 child: $175.00
  • 2 Children: $280.00
  • 3 Children or more: $330.00
After School (2:45pm-6pm):
  • 1 Child: $340.00
  • 2 Children: $540.00
  • 3 Children or more:  650.00
Before & After School (6:30am-6pm):
  • 1 Child: $470.00
  • 2 Children: $640.00
  • 3 Children or more: $800.00