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Tuition & Fees

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

Base Tuition (K-8):


For one child:

  • Parishioner = $6,000
  • Non-parishioner = $6,500


For two children:

  • Parishioner = $11,350
  • Non-parishioner = $11,850


Fees (K-8):

The following fees allow us to enhance your children’s education and support the numerous activities that take place throughout the school year.  All fees are per student unless noted otherwise and are non-refundable. 


  • Testing Fee: $30(Grades 2-8) $50 (Grades TK, K, and 1)
  • Registration Fee: $50
  • Textbook Fee: $250
  • Technology Fee: $200 per student (grades K-4) $250 per student (grades 5-8)
  • Classroom Activity Fee: $27
  • Yard Fee: $100 per family
  • Yearbook Fee: $18
  • Graduation: $75 per student (8th grade only)


For Transitional Kindergarten tuition and fees, please view the Transitional Kindergarten page. 



To qualify for the “Parishioner” rate, a family must be a contributing registered member of St. Irenaeus Parish documented by contributions posted to your parishioner envelope number account in Parish Data System® (PDS). “Contributing registered member” is interpreted as attending mass weekly and financially supporting the church at least once a month (no minimum $ amount is required).  A 12-month review of your parish support as documented in PDS will be provided by the parish office in July for the prior 12 months and if the parishioner guidelines are not adhered to you will be charged the non-parishioner rate for the first 6 months of the new school year.  A review will be provided again in December and your tuition for the next 6 months will be adjusted to the parishioner rate if you have adhered to the guidelines during this review period.  NOTE: Incoming families who wish to be parishioners will be allowed to use the parishioner rate and in December a review of your PDS account will be conducted and your tuition will be adjusted to non-parishioner rate if you fail to meet the parishioner rate requirements. If you are not receiving offering envelopes through the mail, you can request envelopes through the parish office or use one of the yellow blank offering envelopes in the pews. Just fill out your name/address and include your parishioner number on the envelope and your contributions will be recorded in the PDS. Using Parish Pay® to make monthly electronic contributions (available on-line at is an easy way to conveniently support the Parish.


NON-PARISHIONER TUITION RATE: This rate will be applicable to any family that is not registered in the parish and/or does not meet the parishioner tuition rate criteria.