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FISH Hours

Parent participation has always been a critical part of our program. Our goal is to provide opportunities for getting everyone involved and create a greater sense of community.

The FISH program is designed to:

  • Support our school’s philosophy, goals, and objectives which strive to:
  1. Provide quality Catholic education for our students
  2. Model commitment to the Gospel values; and
  3. Foster on-going Stewardship for children and adults alike.
  • Create a spirit of participation by celebrating the talents of each family, and the importance of their contribution to our school and parish community.
  • Increase the involvement of all adult members of our parish school family by providing opportunities for parents or guardians to become better acquainted with one another and our school and parish programs.

F.I.S.H Program Details

  • Each family is required to complete 40 hours of service/involvement per year, with 20 hours being directly school-related.  Activities may be chosen from the lists of both school and parish opportunities listed in the FISHnet book found on our Documents page, or as requested throughout the year. Our H.S.A. has many opportunities each year.
  • Each family is responsible for logging their hours into their Sycamore account (under My School>My Service Logs). It is recommended the hours be entered following each occurrence so they can be approved in a timely manner.
  • FISH hours must be completed by the first Friday in June. All hours must be credited in the current school year; hours may not be carried over to the following year. Any exceptions must be approved in advance.
  • Families who have not either completed 40 FISH hours and/or have not logged their 40 FISH hours worked in the Sycamore data base will be assessed a $12/hour FISH fee.This fee will be charged on your FACTS Management account on the second Wednesday of June. Late fees may be applied after this date.
  • Each family is responsible for completing their FISH commitment. FISH hours may not be donated to another school family. Families experiencing personal hardships in meeting FISH requirements may request special consideration by contacting the principal.